MetropolisNet - Urban Network for Social Inclusion and Employment

MetropolisNet is a unique network of different organisations developing and implementing local strategies for employment and social inclusion in European cities.

The transnational network originated in 1998 to support EU local employment initiatives including the Territorial Employment Pacts. It transitioned to the legal form of a European Economic Interest Group (EEIG) in 2009.

The network is based in Berlin in the offices of gsub mbH, which is both co-founder and full member of the network. Our members are located in Berlin, Dublin, Larisa, London, Rome, Tampere and Uppsala.


We work for a socially just and inclusive European society in which all citizens have equal opportunities for work, learning and development.

What we do

Our network is a European organisation dealing with local development through exchange and transfer of knowledge as well as experimentation of strategies, projects, and programmes across the EU.

We initiate and facilitate collaboration among cities and organisations by promoting the local, regional, and transnational dimensions of EU policies on employment, social inclusion, and local development.

Through our network we connect people, institutions, and policy makers to find solutions for common challenges in European cities.

We offer innovative, hands-on local solutions to support sustainable development and social inclusion in metropolitan areas.