MetropolisNet has existed since 1998 as a loose network of major European cities on the topics of employment and labour market policy. In March 2009, MetropolisNet was formally established as the European Economic Interest Grouping (EEIG). The network is based in Berlin in the offices of gsub mbH, which is both co-founder and full member of the network. MetropolisNet's partners are located in Berlin, Dublin, London, Marseille, Rome, Tampere, Larisa and Vienna.

MetropolisNet is a unique network of different types of organisations that develop and implement local strategies for employment and social integration in different European cities. MetropolisNet promotes exchanges between cities and beyond. It implements projects and assignments of the European Commission and other clients.

Aims and Projects

The central objectives of MetropolisNet are the promotion of employment and social cohesion in large cities and urban areas in Europe and the exchange of information, experience and know-how between partner organisations. The projects focus on the inclusion and (re-)integration of disadvantaged groups in the labour market and the creation of the necessary conditions and structures at local and European level. Moreover, young people and adults in education and training, the European exchange of good practice in this context and digitisation and its consequences, especially for disadvantaged groups in large cities, stand in the center of attention.