“European Youth Enterprise Initiative (EYE-i)” - Addressing Youth Unemployment through Cooperatives and Mutuals

The Partnership will explore the potential of social enterprises including cooperatives and mutuals to addressing the challenges of mass youth unemployment in the EU, by exploring how new working environments and improved skills in employability and enterprise can make vocational training more relevant to the changing world of work.

Project activities:

  • analysing the framework conditions in each participating country to establish social enterprises and identifying the key skills and training needs required by young people to establish successful social enterprises to share innovative solutions to youth unemployment through VET across the participating countries.
  • developing a multilateral project.
  • Organising a workshop for young people to engage them in developing and delivering social enterprise and organising a workshop for VET professionals, to better prepare young people to access the labour market through alternative working environments and the potential for enterprise to enable YP to reach their potential.
  • Partnership will disseminate the results through the partners’ existing networks (EU, national & local level) and the project website.

Duration: 01.08.2012 – 31.07.2014

In four short Videos (one minute each) we let you know what the partners have learnt from the meeting in Malaga, Spain.


  • WoTS Associates (United Kingdom, Project-coordinator)
  • EdITC LTD (Cyprus),
  • Innoves Fundación Innovación de la Economía Social (Spain),
  • Reflexion (Netherlands),
  • RINOVA Ltd. (United Kingdom).