Public Relations

Socially relevant issues pose a particular challenge in terms of their communication. The goal of gsub is always a public awareness and targeted presentation of policy approaches, programmes and projects.

Public relations for clients and customers are an independent service of gsub, which plays a central role in many project contexts. gsub mbH prepares strategies in collaboration with the clients and agencies for the project or programme-related public relations, both as a strategic decision support as well as practical guidance for all parties involved in communication. It implements these strategies independently or in cooperation with external service providers.

Specifically, this means for our customers:

  • brand profile (design of brand presentations, CD and CI development)
  • material creation (conception, text, graphics and production – from the  flyer to the brochure to the poster)
  • internet presence (conception, design, implementation, maintenance and editing)
  • professional events (content planning, conception and organisational execution of congresses, meetings and seminars)

Public relations are done, of course, in close cooperation with the partners and customers.