High quality consultation is the core of all service areas

gsub mbH is not a consulting company in the “classical” sense, but advises institutions, government entities and businesses with regard to the integration of employees. Also, the retention of existing and creation of additional jobs is the subject of our consulting; in addition, career guidance, policy advice and consulting services in the field of children and youth work.

Another key aspect of our operation is the management of public funding – with the help of web-based databases, from proposal to verification of use, from the funding guidelines to the end decision.

The goal is satisfaction and sustainable success for our customers. With our services, we are active at all levels of government – in Europe, nationwide, regional, and local.

Sustainable transfer of experience in networks

In common networks with European and national partners, gsub mbH supports the exchange of innovative and proven practices. We use the most modern methods in training sessions and by means of online forums. We communicate our own ideas and products, and benefit equally from the experience of others. Together we are working to put innovative ideas and creative solutions into action.