Grants Management

Our numerous funding programmes provide financial support in many areas to organisations, citizens and businesses. The implementation of state funding is a challenging job with a high degree of responsibility. It needs efficient processes and high reliability.

In the area of Grants Management, gsub mbH has experience in designing guidelines and notifications, the initiation of competitive bidding or tender, the organisation of selection procedures in close collaboration with the respective client, the drafting of proposals, the disbursement of funds up to the verification of their use and the final decision, whether acting on behalf of a public agency or as an administrative assistant.

With the application of modern technology, such as online and web-based databases, gsub mbH provides the financial backers and recipients with:

  • high-quality monitoring
  • a systematic evaluation of the implementation of individual programmes and activities
  • a transparent and auditable verification of programme management

As part of its funding strategy, gsub mbH consistently advocates simplifications wherever they are acceptable for funding policy and legally feasible.

Audit of funds

A special importance is attached to the audit of funds. gsub has had extensively trained and experienced technical staff who verify the use of funds, but also offers assistance and advice concerning the appropriate audit procedures. For the client, the reliable, accurate and efficient utilisation of funds as well as the scheduled disbursement of funding has priority. The aim is to assist the funding recipients in the processes, structures and documentation in accordance with the relevant statutory regulations and programme-specific formalities, so that the fewest possible mistakes arise and complex procedures and regulations become manageable.