Counselling services under Section 32 Book 9 of the German Social Code (SGB IX)

The Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) funds the establishment of additional independent participation counselling across Germany (EUTB). The aim is to encourage people with disabilities and at risk of disabilities to enforce their rights to self-determination, to plan their own lives, and implement their rights to individual participation services.

The central office based at gsub mbH, Selbstbestimmt Leben UG (limited liability)( an interest group supporting independent living in Germany), the Humboldt University of Berlin, and the Department of Deaf Studies and sign-language interpreters at the Institute for Rehabilitation Sciences provide professional and organisational support to the regional counselling provision.

Duties of the FTB

•    The FTB provides professional and organisational support to the regional counselling provision which is funded from 1 January 2018 as part of additional independent participation counselling (EUTB).

•    The FTB supports the networking of EUTB centres among themselves and with other counselling provision.

•    From February 2018, the FTB will be providing a compulsory basic qualification for all counsellors.

•    The FTB supports the principle of “one for all” which underpins all counselling provision. This means that counselling relating to all issues of participation is open to all.

•    From February 2018, the FTB will be providing compulsory basic training for all counsellors.

•    The FTB is expanding peer counselling via the basic qualification, further qualification offers and structural measures.

•    The FTB supports the EUTBs’ regional counselling provision by ensuring the quality of the counselling.

A particular focus of the FTB is on the expansion of peer counselling–counselling of those affected by those affected. EUTB was introduced with the enactment of Federal Participation Act to support those entitled to benefits within the German three-party model under social legislation. It is therefore offered at a low threshold and independent of funding bodies and service providers.

Peer counselling is particularly suited to fostering the personal responsibility and self-determination of those affected.

The FTB is currently in the process of setting up and preparing to deliver its services:

•    Development of a training concept for the basic qualification

•    Development of uniform quality standards across Germany for the EUTBs

•    Development of acknowledgement and feedback instruments

•    Development of a data protection model for the EUTBs

•    Set-up of knowledge management on the theme of participation

•    Development of the accessible web portal

Opening of FTB
The FTB was opened on 1 December 2017. The web portal has been available since 2 January 2018.

Further information
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