The gsub mbH gsub – Gesellschaft für soziale Unternehmensberatung mbH – sees itself as a social business consultancy.

gsub - Society for Social Business Consultancy

For us that means:

  • We advise public institutions, companies and non-profit organisations
  • We foster participation and inclusion
  • We offer job-creating solutions that integrate people into the workforce
  • We implement programmes and projects to create and sustain jobs
  • We develop new ideas and products
  • We support the design of new social developments
  • We arrange the transfer of European policy into regional and local strategies.

Our main business activities are in programme and Grants Management with the goal of using public funds efficiently. For this, we use modern technology such as online and web-based databases.

Our principles are:

  • Customers and clients are our main focus
  • The welfare of our employees and the work climate is essential for us
  • Our corporate culture is characterised by partnership, cooperation and appreciation
  • We are committed to simplify the complicated
  • We stand for high quality consulting and sustainability
  • We organise sustainable transfer of experience in networks